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EMS fat burn Fitness Belt -SM9068
EMS fat burn Fitness Belt -SM9068
EMS fat burn Fitness Belt -SM9068

Product Names

EMS fat burn Fitness Belt -SM9068

Product parameters

 Slimming  fitness belt

1.Easily fat reducing belt
2.Eliminate Toxin
3.Enhance the body's immune system


Product Details

 SUNMAS Slimming Belt SM9068 combines bioelectrical magnetic wave technology with Chinese traditional acupuncture. It utilizes low frequent pulse to exercise the muscles of abdomen and waist so as to remove accumulated fat.

1. Turn Slimmer 
It utilizes different shape and frequency of bioelectrical pulse to stimulate the abdomen and waist (containing Guanyuan acupuncture point, which is related to weight loss and digestion) so as to break fat into small pieces and then separate them from the fat layer so as to reduce weight.  
2. Eliminate Toxin
It stimulates the Guanyuan acupuncture point (3 inches under the belly) to strengthen the absorption of nutrients, excrete waste and enhance the body's immune system.
3. Stimulate
It utilizes different bioelectrical pulse to promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulatory system's operation, which have important effect to our health. 

1. Hi-tech body care product, LCD displays, easy to operation 
2. Controller adopts import CMO chips, low voltage power supply (4.5V), safe and reliable
3. Fitness belt is comfortable, breathable and durable
4. Adjustable modes and intensity are suitable for everybody. 
5. Three types of controller for your option as below:
                              Controller 1   Controller 2   Controller 3
Program (Mode)           4                 7                  10
Intensity level               0-99            0-99         0-100/120
6. Every type of fitness belt contains M/ L model
Product Specification
Name of product Fitness Belt   
Model No. SM9068   
Color Blue   
Power/voltage 4.5V   
Issuing frequency 50~70 Hz   
Consumed current 80mA   
Belt dimension M:96 cm;L:113CM,adjustable length   
Working Temperature 0~30°C   
Working Humidity 20 to 65%RH  

Box Included
Fitness belt 1 unit   
Quick start guide 1 pc   
Gelpads 3 pcs  

Package Information 
Packing Color Box   
Box Dimension 30(L)X20.5(W) X7(H)CM   
Carton Dimension (24pcs/Carton) 65(L)X47(W)X46(H)CM   
Net Weight 12.8 kg   
Gross Weight 13.8 kg   
20’ Container 3900pcs   
40’ Container 8100pcs