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Product Names


Product parameters

1. LED light indicate the intensity 
2. Stainless steel beauty head
3. Automatic timer stop and buzzer 
4. Six intensity levels for your option
5. Ultrasonic function to you


Product Details

SUNMAS Ultrasonic SM9195 is a health-oriented facial beauty device, which produces ultrasonic wave to adjust main and collateral channels and regulates blood circulation to flow circularly in order to reach the best status of the facial tissues. This kind of unit meets the requirement of massaging anywhere by the effect of ultrasound capillaries while the skill of ancient therapy is complex with a lot of physical output. It could enhance immune function in lymphoid tissues so as to achieve vitality and flexibility of facial skin. It is really a good partner for facial care in daily life.


1. LED lights indicate intensity levels, easy to operate
2. The item adopts ultrasonic technology with rechargeable lithium battery 12V
3. With Six intensity levels for your option
4. With a built-in 10-minute automatic stop timer and a buzzer in the device
5. Beauty head of the device adopts stainless steel material, which is safe, reliable and endurable for facial beauty


1. Promoting cellular renewal
2. Enhancing blood circulation
3. Combating puffiness & swelling
4. Promoting nutrient absorption
5. Encouraging lymphatic drainage

Product Specifications

Name of product Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Device
Model No. SM9195
Color Red,Blue, White or customized
Product material Stainless steel+ ABS
Power/voltage DC 12V
Issuing frequency 1mHz-3 MHz
Consumed current 200-400mA
Consumed power 2.4W
Intensity level adjustment 6 sections
Timer With 10 minutes stop timer
Weight of device About 0.5kg

Box included

Facial Beauty Device 1 unit
Charger 1 pc
User’s manual 1 pc
Small Bag 1 pc
Soft cloth 1 pc