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Product Names


Product parameters

1. Hi-tech body care product 
2. Adjustable modes and intensity
3.Large electronic pads


Product Details

SUNMAS EMS Fitness Belt Model NO. SM9065 combines the bioelectrical magnetic wave technology with Chinese traditional acupuncture. With low frequent therapy technology, the devices transmit bioelectrical pulse to clean meridians and promote blood circulation so as to achieve the purpose of exercise and relaxation.
SM9065 is a suit of Hi-tech stimulation products, it contains three main parts, namely controller, electrode pads, slimming belt, which are all health-oriented instruments.


1. Unique tensile outlet wire design, novel pocket design, separate controller, it is portable and convenient; you can choose the way you like to stimulate.
2. Exclusive substantially horizontal scrolls, easy to storage.
3. Multifunctional: support belly, legs, waistand arm.
4. Combing designing of soft materials makes the sliming belt flexible, comfortable, breathable and durable.
5. Large contacting surfaces make the belt easily close to the skin.


1. Low frequency pulse stimulator, which promote blood circulation and prevent pains and aches on your waist and arm.
2. Firm the muscle of body
3. Dissolving accumulated fat on arms, waist, abdomen, and legs.

Product Specification

Name of product EMS Fitness Belt
Model No. SM9065
Power Voltage 3V
Issuing frequency 1~50Hz 
Consumed current 28mA
Status adjustment 6 kinds of status
Strength level adjustment 10 sections

Package Included

Controller 1 unit
Waist Belt 1 pc
Arm Belt 2 pc
Electrode pads 7 pc