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Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118
Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118
Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118
Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118
Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118

Product Names

Blood circulation tens conductive slipper-SM9118

Product parameters

1.TENS Foot Stimulator
2. 2 modes
3.15 minutes automatic stop timer
4.Soft material


Product Details

Sunmas SM9118 rechargeable electronic muscle stimulator electric foot spa stimulator
It combines the bioelectrical magnetic wave technology with Chinese traditional acupuncture. It adopts low frequent therapy technology and transmits different bioelectrical pulse through hundreds of conductive silica gel particles to stimulate the different acupuncture points of thenar reflex areas to clear the meridians, promote blood circulation, relieve pain of arthritis, eliminate edema and improve the foot problems. Microwaves can be sent to calf,knee and thigh to shape your legs. Regular use of the magnet shoes several minutes each day can easily keep healthy.


1. Health-oriented foot stimulator expert
2. Controller with LED indicator light, easy to operation
3. Low power voltage supply, safe and reliable
4. With 2 MASSAGING MODES and 10 adjustable strength levels
5. Built-in 15 minutes automatic stop timer
6. Magnet shoes adopts combining designing of soft and hard materials, which are flexible, comfortable, breathable and durable.


1. Stimulate multiple reflex areas at the same time
2. Balances physiology, cleans meridian and promotes blood circulation
3. Eases ache reflected on the thenars from cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, arthritis, and lumbar muscle strain
4. Relieves numbness and fatigue of feet and legs
5. Improves insomnia and strengthens digestive system

Product Specification

Name of product Magnet Stimulate Shoes
Model No. SM9118
Power/voltage 3V
Issuing frequency 1~50Hz
Consumed current 15mA
Status adjustment 2 kinds of status
Strength level adjustment 10 sections

Box Included

Controller 1 unit
Magnet shoes 1 pair
Output cord 1 pc

Packing Information

Packing OPP Bag
Bag Dimension 22.5(L)X29(W) X1.5(H) CM
Carton Dimension (38pcs/Carton) 51.5(L)X29(W)X29.5(H)CM
Net Weight 16.47 kg
Gross Weight 18.47kg
20’ Container 18819pcs
40’ Container 39086pcs