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How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
You can ask our staff about the minimum order value of the ODM products. Generally, most of the manufacturers of cordless tens unit set the limits of the minimum order value for ODM products is to offset the cost of manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of the products. Especially for those manufacturers, such as 2018 GShenzhen L-Domas Technology Ltd., engaged in business online, they need to set a minimum order amount to ensure that the cost mentioned above is worthwhile for the business. In essence, manufacturers can get a minimum profit amount per order.

Domas plays a great role in leading the trend of Chinese ultrasonic facial industry. L-Domas produces a number of different product series, including ab stimulator. The stipulate strict quality inspection through the whole process guarantees the product is of the quality that meets the industry standard. The product can help users to achieve the purpose of exercises with little efforts. The use of this product ensures the division of labor. Workers can stipulate and specific roles of which they do with the use of this product. It is very ideal for being used at home and office.

We are committed to sustainable development. In addition to the good feelings we gain, our sales have actually increased through our good works. This unexpected benefit comes because people were impressed with our job and wanted to work with a company with such responsibility.
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