21 years dedicated to physical therapy equipment.

How about the minimum order quantity for product products?
It depends. Minimum amount will be determined when we receive your specifications on the product. We welcome all of product orders and will customize any kind of wireless tens for your own specifications. Should you require a customized product for you, contact product section.

The fame of being a professional tens unit manufacturer is well deserved for Domas. 2018 GShenzhen L-Domas Technology Ltd. produces a number of different product series, including wireless tens unit. The material of Domas tens massager unit is controlled to be just right. It offers a micro-current to effectively stimulate the body. Domas offers exceptional performance and high quality product. The product can help users to achieve the purpose of exercises with little efforts.

We value sustainability. Therefore, we will adopt sustainable approaches and be responsible for increasing the positive impacts of our production and products.
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