21 years dedicated to physical therapy equipment.

Is L-Domas an OBM?
2018 GShenzhen L-Domas Technology Ltd. is on the way to be an OBM. The OBM sells the goods under their own brand name in order to add value. Now many Chinese companies are moving from the current product stage to OBM to secure a bigger share in the increasingly competitive global market.

By constant development and production of tens unit, Shenzhen L-Domas Technology Ltd. has surpassed many Chinese enterprises. L-Domas produces a number of different product series, including tens device. Domas tens therapy device is available with diversified style preferences. The product is suitable for people from all walks of life. This product is presented to customers after proper inspections. It is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Everything we do is guided by principles of "Excellence, Integrity, and Entrepreneurship". They have defined our company character and culture.
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