Types and effects of eye massagers


  eye massager magnetic finger massage

  This eye massager has 24 finger-shaped massage contacts, which are made of high-purity silicone, without any side effects on the skin, and are embedded with selected high-efficiency medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy NdFeB, which can produce optimum magnetic flux. A small motor controlled by a computer IC chip produces the desired massage effect according to different speeds.

Eye Massager

  Efficacy of eye massager: If you can massage more than 20 acupoints such as "fish waist", "silk bamboo", "Chengxi", etc. in the eye area, it can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, prevent skin aging and degeneration, and make the eyes The skin is more vibrant and elastic.

  eye massager airbag massage

  This eye massager is a high-tech product that skillfully combines modern electronic technology, optical technology and traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory according to the principle of visual physiology. The eye massager uses far-infrared heating, microcomputer chip control and other technologies to heat, vibrate, and rub the eyes.

  Efficacy of eye massager: help the eye to clear the collaterals, enhance the adjustment function of the lens, restore the elasticity of the ciliary muscle, improve blood circulation in the eye, relieve visual pressure, relieve eye fatigue, reduce visual impairment, promote metabolism, and maintain eye vision healthy.



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