The functions of different parts of the smart eye massager


  With the accelerated pace of life, the mental pressure of office workers is increasing day by day; with the popularity of smartphones, dry eyes, visual fatigue, blurred vision, and itching are becoming more common among mobile phone users, people who bow their heads, and people who stay up late. Time to protect your eyes! The smart eye massager can not only relieve eye problems, but also relax the body, relieve stress and promote sleep through hot compress and massage.

smart eye massager

  Smart Eye Massager: Massage the temples and the big acupuncture points of the eyes: relieve brain and eye fatigue;

  smart eye massager high-pressure airbag: dredge the meridians around the eyes and eliminate wrinkles around the eyes;

  Hot compress physiotherapy: effectively dredge arteriosclerosis in the fundus, improve vertigo, glaucoma and cataract in the elderly;

  Multi-frequency vibration of smart eye massager: It can effectively improve students' myopia, hyperopia, and amblyopia, so that the eyes can get enough rest;

  Somatosensory music: Let people enter into a dreamlike feeling.

  Tips from smart eye massager manufacturers: It is recommended that adults massage twice a day with an interval of about 6 hours; children should massage once a day. Close your eyes for 3-5 minutes after each use of the eye protector, so that the optic nerve can be fully stretched and rested, and fatigue can be better relieved.



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