Nerve and tens ems muscle stimulator


  tens ems muscle stimulator action principle: Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian and modern electronic technology, the use of low-frequency pulse waveform to electrically stimulate the diseased nerve and its innervated muscles can cause muscle rhythmic contraction, improve blood circulation, and promote venous and innervation. Lymphatic return, delay the atrophy of the diseased muscle, help the compensatory proliferation of muscle fibers, promote the recovery of nerve excitation and conduction function, and achieve the purpose of treatment and massage.

tens ems muscle stimulator

  Scope of application of tens ems muscle stimulator: It can promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of pain caused by soft tissue injury, strain, and chronic inflammation of bone and joint.

  tens ems muscle stimulator instrument features: 1) OLED display, fashionable and innovative; 2) Short treatment time, instant results; 3) Microcomputer control, multi-function mode for selection; 4) Powered by 3.7V lithium battery, which is very safe for the human body ;5) Small in appearance, not restricted by the place of use, easy to carry; 6) The tens ems muscle stimulator has multiple protection functions, and the system is safe and reliable; 7) Electronic acupuncture can be performed without needle sticking, which is easy to operate and has a wide range of applications ;8) The tens ems muscle stimulator adopts advanced current control technology, and the battery can be used repeatedly.



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