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The Production Capacity of DOMAS Physical Therapy Equipment


DOMAS is a technology-based company specializing in personal and family physiotherapy and body shaping electronics, integrating research and development, production and sales. It is also one of the earliest technology companies in China to focus on family and personal health. Our flagship product is TENs unit,EMS and beauty device.

The company currently has a total of 5 production lines and more than 200 production line workers. Workers day and night look after the production lines by turns to ensure that the products can guarantee quality and quantity. The production line is important to the company, and if the production capacity with problem, the production line constitute a large part. As all we know,for a company,The production line is the basic requirement for ensuring the production of products. Insufficient production capacity will affect the supply capacity, and insufficient supply capacity will affect the customer's experience. 

Our company currently has a monthly output of 180,000 units. We are making progress every year, and never stop the pursuit for product quality.At the same time,We also guarantees quantity. It is useless to have products more and more but unqualified. If the basic quality cannot be guaranteed, the output will become irrelevant.

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