Smart eye massager manufacturers share the working principle of eye massager


  Smart eye massager manufacturers think how important the eyes are to us, but now everyone seems to have no great idea about eye protection, and always do something that hurts the eyes, eye massager can take good care of the eyes , So, what is the working principle of smart eye massager manufacturers share?

smart eye massager

  The smart eye massager manufacturer found that the eye massager is refined based on modern biomagnetism, traditional Chinese medicine meridian science and Chinese medicine cosmetology treatment principles, combined with modern electronic technology.

  Smart eye massager manufacturers explain the prevention methods of true myopia

  1. Stiffness of the head or shoulders of the writing method will worsen the blood circulation and indirectly lead to the decline of the function of the eyes.

  2. Smart eye massager manufacturers believe that long-distance running can also strengthen the eyes. As the saying goes, fatigue starts from the feet and eyes, and similarly, aging and fatigue also start from the feet and eyes.

  3. Hot and cold method This is a method of applying hot and cold towels alternately to the eyes. It is very helpful for eliminating eye fatigue, promoting blood circulation, stimulating eye muscles and relaxing extra-ocular muscles. It can refresh and activate eye cells. And the purpose of improving metabolic function.

  4 Smart eye massager manufacturer's pasting method. Sexual myopia is prone to eye fatigue, and relieving visual fatigue is also an important factor in preventing the deepening of true myopia. Bright Vision Eye Patch can effectively promote blood circulation in the eyes, eliminate eye fatigue, and allow the eyes to recover better in a short time.



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