Our Main products are TENS Unit for pain relief,EMS Muscle Stimulator for muscle training, Skincare Beauty Device,Heating Products etc.

Eye Massager

Adjustable elasticated strap and nasal bridge make it truly ergonomic design, which can fit the faces of the majority, you can adjust the elastic band to avoid pressing the bridge of your nose and get the most comfortable massage. With comprehensive functions and elegant appearance, perfect eye relaxation therapy gift for your family,lover, teacher or friends.

eye massage instrument

The smart eye massager are 180° foldable, making it small to put in your bag and used in office, airplane, travel, even anywhere.

smart eye massager

There are integrated 5 mode, combined in different modes to make you enjoy eye massage spa, can help you to relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye circles, providing you comfortable and pleasant experience

Chest massager

Scientific human engineering design, in accordance with the physiological curve of the chest, suitable for all kinds of adult physique.Apply the principle of physical massage, stimulate the breast, regulate the body's endocrine and produce breast muscle movement,and then stimulate the growth of breast fat cells.

chest massage machine

This chest massager help make breast skin white and tender. Stimulates the secretion of collagen and activates the breasts, improves the elasticity of breast skin, and tightens. Effectively prevent breast hyperplasia.

massagers breasts

According to the principle of ergonomics, this chest massager adopts a surrounding design to closely fit the chest line. Wireless design, lightweight, easy to carry and use. this chest massager can dredge breast ducts, strengthen breast tissue, improve loose breasts and breast deformation, accelerate blood circulation.

Massage pillow

SUNMAS is perfect to use on lower and upper back, neck, abdomen, Convenient Strap helps you mount your massager to your favorite chair so that you can target your sore spots. Perfect for long car rides or your office chair!

Gua Sha board

Gua Sha helps to promote blood circulation, is very helpful to relax muscles. Gua sha massage tool always maintain a relaxed and elegant mood. The use of scraping board can also help the absorption of cream and essence.

Gua Sha

Promotes the lifting and smoothing of the skin, leaving the face lifted and radiant. Helps drain lymph fluids away from the face giving you a natural contour

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